channel your authentic Beauty into your own, one-of-a-kind facewardrobe through A Signature Methodology and never second guess your choices 

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Channel Your Authentic Beauty Into Your Own, One-Of-a-Kind Facewardrobe Through A Signature Methodology And Never Second Guess Your Choices

“Eileen has the greatest smile and energy to be around with on a long working day under the lights and in front of a camera.

With her creative inputs that more than often seem unconventional, she manages to make you still feel beautiful even at the end of the day”

Rai Bachchan

Actress, Queen of Bollywood

“I can’t say enough about Eileen. Not only is she great at both, real-looking Beauty and red carpet make-up, she is also very organized and knowledgable about a holistic beauty routine.

I always thought Eileen to be so wonderfully sophisticated together with being extremely talented and unique in her trade. Anything she puts her creativity to, she can handle it all. I will definitely work with her again”

Diane Keaton

Oscar Winning Actress

"Eileen worked with me in many places like London, Berlin, Madrid, Moskow etc...and created many makeup looks for me that reflected my mood and outfits perfectly each time.

I so enjoyed this time and Eileen's talent and dedication to my skin's health on these trips. Thank you for your loving care and energy"

Zoe Saldana

Hollywood actress

“I could never have done without Eileen !
She makes me always look so beautiful, keeps me sane and makes me laugh.

Despite all the hard work, I have such an amazing time thanks to her. I can’t wait to do it again and again.
I miss her until then”

Famke Janssen

Hollywood actress

"My Eileen, thank you so much for always taking such good, loving care of me since 2005 on the many different fun adventures we were on together - on as well as off the various film sets, red carpets or photo shoots and on my wedding day...making me always feel so beauty confident and comfortable in front of the camera"

Oscar Winning Actress

Natalie Portman

Life is busy

Life is busy

Do you ask yourself sometimes?

I wish I could have my PERSONAL BEAUTY STRATEGIST at my fingertips


You are the CEO of your family and/or your work and you still want to look and feel good about yourself in the way you face the world - so to speak - even when working from home these days, often sitting behind your computer on zoom calls

You know about the power of energised self-confidence coming from feeling both confident AND comfortable but you don't want to spent your valuable and limited time on hours of researching the latest and best beauty options and techniques for you to feel authentically YOU.

You know what worked for you and your beauty goals until now but you notice changes in your appearance which affect the way you feel and you are quite frankly overwhelmed by all the information overload you find on the internet, various social media platforms, or podcasts.

Let Me Guess

Elaine seale , 60, mum of 4, Executive Coach, Consultant and facilitator at Thefitconsultancy & Factor10, The Psychology of Leadership

"Ive used the same products since forever but they stopped working for me and I was lost as of what to do and whom to trust"

"After my consultation with Eileen, I had no doubt that creating my unique EKD FaceWardrobe® would save me so much time and money - all of which I wasted over many years. It has given me the guideline to stay on course with what counts when it comes to my product choices and routines. I couldn’t wait to start creating my personal “FaceWardrobe” with Eileen.
It gave me guaranteed solutions relevant to JUST ME

EKD Facewardrobe 1:1 with me

What if you had a celebrity makeup artist & beauty strategist on-demand by your side along the way to create your beauty goals with a unique Inner & the Outer approach. Someone who answers your questions before you ask them and helps you create your bespoke space, that will be your reliable go-to source of wisdom, inspiration and guidance so you can show up each day as your authentic best self...

What if you could confidently face the world with authentic beauty confidence without second-guessing your choices and your personal style,
now and for years to come

It works based on the science, philosophy and mentality of EKD FaceWardrobe®, taught in an easily understandable and applicable, real-talking and even, yes its true, fun and entertaining way. It’s kind of like we’re having coffee and girlfriend catch-up time.

It’s everything you need to know to start living and building your own healthy, safe and effective beauty lifestyle through your bespoke FaceWardrobe

Let's put some strategy behind those words

How Does it Work

How Does it Work?

It's time to celebrate and future proof your bespoke FaceWardrobe. This is the moment where we go through your Facewardrobe in detail together to set you up for a safe, adventurous and exciting  journey to stay in your authentic beauty confidence for years to come - all designed to protect you from running into stumbling blocks without having the reliable resources that'll get you through.


This is were we pull it all together. Your one-of-a-kind YOU-NIQUE FaceWardrobe is the secret sauce to give you everything you need to achieve authentic beauty confidence  at every stage of your life.


Here we zone in on the mental and emotional part of your unique authentic beauty confidence. Your relationship to how you want to be seen, how you feel about it and how to improve it plus specific strategies to get you there. Getting deep enough to uncover these things is KEY to having long term success, and without it, you'll always be looking for a short term fix or fall back into the rut. So, get ready to bust through all of your blocks, with as much support, help, ideas & laughing as possible.






We start by getting to know each other and you tell me where you’re at now and what your concerns are. I take a total inventory of your life: what you are doing, eating, drinking, thinking and what products you’re using right now. I want to know exactly what it’s like to be you. So I can know exactly how to help you best.


During our time together, we connect in regular zoom sessions and in my private online studio plus you have me at your fingertips via Voxer access from Monday to Friday. That's like having your personal beauty architect in your pocket nearly 24/7 (like my celebrity clients do) 

In addition..

I HAD NO IDEA OF THE POWER of a truly holistic approach that goes beyond anything I did before -  THIS REALISATION I got from Eileen and her CUSTOM DESIGNED TRAINING that focused just on me, will save me all the guesswork in the future.
“The level of support, information, templates, community, implementation sessions, hot seats, and support I received inside The EKD FACEWARDROBE® IS INCOMPARABLE TO ANY OTHER PROGRAM I'VE EVER BEEN IN! I wanted help with my beauty routine and how to show up my best online in my business and I GOT WAYYYY MORE THAN I PAID FOR!

"This program was really eye-opening for me! I thought I knew what works for me in my beauty routine, but..I had no idea until now" 

Venus Mushapaidzi, 40, mother of 1, Designer

I never wore any makeup really and I took care of my skin without too much thought into it. But when I started my new career I wanted to up-level my beauty approach. I never imagined though that I would end up gaining so much more than what I had envisioned. Eileen's signature methodology around Holistic Beauty goes beyond what you would think. She created my unique, one-of-a-kind Facewardrobe that gives me such peace of mind around my beauty choices from the Inside-Out & the Outside-In.
What a game changer

"I Wasn't Sure If I Could Keep Up With Consistency, But The Results I See Are The Best Accountability Partners To Have"



"I’ve never been too much into skincare and makeup myself but after turning 40..."

When turning 40 I realised that I needed to pay a little more attention to what I should use and put on my face other than eating healthy food and working out. I also realised that a little makeup did in fact help more than I thought…

What I loved about Eileen is that she takes a truly holistic approach to beauty and the results I see are proof of that. She designed my tailor-made beauty routine from what to eat for beauty to what is healthy and efficient to put on my face. The peace-of-mind I have now saves me so much time and also money as I don't have to guess what to get anymore. Eileen’s knowledge is so vast in this field and I can't be more happy that I found her


"It's amazing what Eileen's holistic tailor-made approach to my beauty concerns did for me. You should really get this unique Beauty Facewardrobe - the best gift for yourself"

I started seeing these changes in the way I look. I'm not concerned about ageing but I want to make sure that I'm prepared and equipped with the right choices I can make that are safe, reliable and unique to me and my beauty concerns. I found all this and more in the tailor-made Facewardrobe that Eileen created for and with me. The best gift I could give to myself and my future beauty confidence


“I didn't think it would be worth it. It was. I didn't think it would work for me. It did.
I didn't think I'd be *that* success story. I am.”

I always had problems to find the right products for my skin and Asian features that made me feel comfortable, beautiful and still me. Eileen was the first expert that actually looked truly at me and designed a process for me that fits just me and my life. What’s best is that I can easily implement it all in my own life with 3 kids and in my online business with a busy schedule.

I’m so confident now to set up my day the right way by following my mood and reflecting that in my beauty & makeup approach. I have access to Eileen in an ongoing way and feel like I have my own personal expert at my fingertips. That is so exciting and priceless for me


"This is the most in-depth, unbiased, reliable and tailor-made, holistic Beauty approach you can find anywhere! Now I finally got such clarity about showing up as my authentic, natural best with confidence and excitement"

Eileen's teaching and its easy, understandable nature helped cut through the haze of not-knowing and overwhelm that I felt with all the information overload we get every day from all angles. Thank you for cutting through the confusion and misinterpretation, Eileen

EKD Facewardrobe 1:1 with me

I could not be more thrilled to play a small—or big—role in your journey to elevating the way you approach beauty and ageing in your every day life (gracefully and confidently, of course!).

Let me first assure you of something—very, very important. I’m not here to convince you that certain products, procedures, or trends are right for you. Nothing drives me up the wall more than that.

I’m here to help you, to be a guide, and to share decades of experience and expertise with you (yes I'm talking decades as I'm in my 50's), so that YOU can make choices that align with your goals of how to authentically show up now and for years to come.

I’ve had quite a journey to this point—stories that include Jude Law and Brad Pitt (PG stories. Promise!)—and I couldn't be more grateful for the career I’ve developed in this lifetime.
Yet, what really matters to me is YOU.

You, the woman who seeks a beauty solution that takes her uniqueness into consideration. Who seeks someone who doesn’t treat you like a number, but to thoughtfully guide you to what’s right for you.

That’s what the EKD Facewardrobe® Bespoke 1:1 Experience is designed to do for you. Healthy skin and a customised holistic routine is essential for the level of your authentic beauty confidence. Learning what works uniquely for you is a journey and I hope to have the pleasure of going on this journey with you and taking you through my process in this program!

While I’ve worked in Hollywood as a successful makeup artist and beauty strategist for 30+ years and continue to support my A-list celebrity clients, I’m incredibly humbled to have your attention here. AND to have this opportunity to make your beauty confidence —a little easier, a little simpler, and a little more fun!

Stay skinformed, always

Much love,

I'm Eileen


why trust me?

I'm a successful Hollywood make-up designer,
personal makeup artist to A-list celebrities like
Oscar-winning actress, Natalie Portman, entrepreneur, fanatic educator, holistic beauty strategist, passionate myth buster, obsessive learner, detail-loving self-care activist, mommy to a boy and a golden retriever, wife, G&T and food connoisseur.

Let me hand you the keys to your Bespoke FaceWardrobe

equipped with all the tools you need to show up with Authentic Beauty Confidence

 "Biggest lesson for me? You're never too old to learn and strengthen your
beauty confidence"

Beauty isn't 
an Age!

For me getting older doesn't mean that you have permission to let yourself go.
A healthy and authentic dose of vanity is actually a good thing in my eyes.

Learning how to stay connected to ALL the tools that strengthen my beauty confidence doesn't just support my mindset now but my overall wellness. I'm so grateful for Eileen, to have shown me and to have been personally by my side along the way.
That is what makes her so special and unique

- KristA K, 79,
CEO of her family and mother of 5

Let me custom design your bespoke, unique FaceWardrobe and manage your daily beauty routine on a regular basis like
I do it with my celebrity clients 


Are you ready to become skindividual ?

let's work together 1:1

Creating your bespoke facewardrobe takes time so I work with only a selected few clients a year to be able to give the white glove, customised service you deserve 

ready to create the bespoke beauty routine

of your dreams


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I'm Eileen

Beauty Strategist, successful Hollywood Makeup Artist, Skin Devotee and Educator, I'm also a mommy to a boy, a golden retriever and happy wife. I'm so glad you're here. Come explore all the goodies I created for YOU.

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