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I'm Eileen

Hey there!

I'm a successful Hollywood make-up designer, entrepreneur, fanatic educator, holistic beauty strategist, passionate myth buster, obsessive learner, detail-loving self-care activist, mommy to a boy and a golden retriever, wife, G&T and food connoisseur.

This is why I’m so passionate about helping you find your unique guidelines to the most suitable skincare & makeup products, facial exercise and nutrition focused on your gut:skin relationship to best support your skin. I strongly believe in a tailor-made approach to each and every woman's beauty routine. That's why I don't sell any products or am affiliated to any brand specifically but I rather guide you to the most relevant info for you, your skin, your beauty style and your life through my unbiased signature approach

I value your trust above all things. Ultimately, I hope that my platform, the EKD FaceWardrobe® and I will be the unbiased, intrinsic and indispensable resource for you who loves to be in the know, to know where to go and to get what you owe to Yourself.

I want to help you build that bridge between the beauty information overwhelm, the gimmicks and generalisations, to peace of mind about living in your authentic and safe beauty confidence at any age in life as well as online in your biz starting, well, how about as soon as possible?

WHY? Because there’s only one unique skin that fits just YOU!

See that?

I’m not just ONE thing, and I can bet that neither are You!


Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence

kate Winslet

kate Winslet

natalie portman

natalie portman

rai bachchan

rai bachchan




“Eileen has the greatest smile and energy to be around with on a long working day under the lights and in front of a camera.

With her creative inputs that more than often seem unconventional, she manages to make you still feel beautiful even at the end of the day”

Rai Bachchan

Actress, Queen of Bollywood

“I can’t say enough about Eileen. Not only is she great at both, real-looking Beauty and red carpet make-up, she is also very organized and knowledgable about a holistic beauty routine.

I always thought Eileen to be so wonderfully sophisticated together with being extremely talented and unique in her trade. Anything she puts her creativity to, she can handle it all. I will definitely work with her again”

Diane Keaton

Oscar Winning Actress

"Eileen worked with me in many places like London, Berlin, Madrid, Moskow etc...and created many makeup looks for me that reflected my mood and outfits perfectly each time.

I so enjoyed this time and Eileen's talent and dedication to my skin's health on these trips. Thank you for your loving care and energy"

Zoe Saldana

Hollywood actress

“I could never have done without Eileen !
She makes me always look so beautiful, keeps me sane and makes me laugh.

Despite all the hard work, I have such an amazing time thanks to her. I can’t wait to do it again and again.
I miss her until then”

Famke Janssen

Hollywood actress

"My Eileen, thank you so much for always taking such good, loving care of me since 2005 on the many different fun adventures we were on together - on as well as off the various film sets, red carpets or photo shoots and on my wedding day...making me always feel so beauty confident and comfortable in front of the camera"

Oscar Winning Actress

Natalie Portman

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Holistic Beauty

Skintelligent Beauty Routines

Gut:Skin Relationship

Face Yoga


Welcome to my cozy home on the web, my classroom, my studio, and my resource lab, where we talk about being beautiful at any age.


Your personalised beauty blueprint—
a unique collection of tools, techniques, and less-known strategies that elevate the appearance of your skin and beauty techniques empowering you to look and feel authentically beautiful in every stage of life.

No more guesswork
No more confusion
No more $ wasted

Imagine having everything you need to achieve healthy, glowing skin and confident beauty right at your fingertips. 

The essential, handy checklist to help you identify which products you need to say goodbye to plus the guideline to discover how to extend the life of your products once opened

Be Product  Smart

My Creative Space

Not Your Average Blog.

Find out about  the results I’m getting in real time, free mini-trainings on how I use new techniques and trends without letting them use me (hint: trends are tools not rules), the unbiased insight into all my current obsessions and the behind-the-scenes snapshots of my crazy, fun and wonderful life.

Become SKinformed !

Check out my little black book of Confident Beauty where I share my secret behind-the-scenes library of celebrity beauty tips & tricks I've used for over 30 years - except way more achievable 

During my successful Hollywood career, healthy skin was the most important factor to consider in delivering the top results my clients expected from me and my makeup. That turned me into an obsessive, passionate skin enthusiast who constantly seeks to find the most reliable solutions for my regular celebrity clients – and YOU !

My courses and coaching will help you build out your authentic, one-of-a-kind FaceWardrobe and together we create your personalised, reliable and safe holistic beauty strategy. Any goal you set for yourself doesn't happen overnight but having a tailor-made step-by-step roadmap is your compass to peace of mind around your Authentic Beauty Confidence (Oh, and let me tell you, I never preach what I haven’t practiced!)

From novice to know-it-all

How to learn with me

- Charmaine S.

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Your 1:1 Bespoke EXPERIENCE

Together, we go on a wonderful custom designed journey over a few months

We dive deep into the unique history of your skin, your current lifestyle, and more in order to unearth, the very products, practices, and inner and outer beauty regime that will bring your authentic self to life—at every age.



EKD FaceWardrobe® Group Experience

EKD FaceWardrobe® Signature 1:1

Become Skintelligent in 3 MONTHS in this Group Coaching Experience.

Go from NOT being aligned to the best version of yourself and overwhelmed about the beauty information overload TO becoming authentically confident about your choices now and at any stage in your life.

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I'm Eileen

Beauty Strategist, successful Hollywood Makeup Artist, Skin Devotee and Educator, I'm also a mommy to a boy, a golden retriever and happy wife. I'm so glad you're here. Come explore all the goodies I created for YOU.

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