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I hear you! So let me share some insight into my holistic approach to beauty and my signature methodology, the EKD FaceWardrobe®. Let me explain what makes my approach so unique and so effective.

I often get asked 

How can I be sure the EKD Facewardrobe® approach will work for me?” 

It’s a valid question. We´ve all invested in products and treatments that promise the world, but often never quite deliver. You also want to know your money is being well spent. I get it. I´ve been there as well. I´m sure we all have. But, let me be clear…

Through my signature methodology which I created initially for my celebrity clients, like Oscar-winning actress, Natalie Portman and others, I’m not recommending promises in a bottle. I’m also not suggesting there is a single magic formula and I’m not going to leave you more lost and confused than when you started.

Instead, I’m by your side through the whole process, sharing my knowledge and 30+ years of experience as a successful Hollywood Make-Up Artist. I’ve been working alongside experts in the skincare, nutrition and facial exercise field, to guide you on your path to a long-term beauty solution that compliments your skin, your style and your life.

It might sound too good to be true, but it can be your reality and let me explain why I’m so confident in the methodology I’ve developed.

So what is the EKD FaceWardrobe®?

The EKD FaceWardrobe® methodology is focused on you, your lifestyle and your unique skin. It’s a highly personalized holistic approach to beauty with you at the centre. It allows you to assess exactly what your body, skin and overall beauty confidence need to remain vibrant, supple and authentically beautiful at any age. 

Beauty is subjective and unique to everybody. Therefore following a cookie-cutter approach will not give you a reliable result in the long run. And let me tell you this:

Playing the long game is what will get you the rewards your future self will thank you for.

I call it sometimes your YOU-nique Facewardrobe. The beauty of this process is that no two Facewardrobes are the same.

The unique approach I created is a custom-designed balance of how to…

  • eat for healthy skin,
  • manage the relationship between gut health and skin health
  • boost your complexion with my recommended facial exercises
  • know the exact active ingredients and make-up techniques to use

to compliment your one of a kind beauty, your individual skin and your unique style.

In short, the EKD FaceWardrobe® methodology is so effective because it’s highly tailored and totally personalized around you

Women like You

Now, I don´t just expect you to take my word for it. If you want to know more and hear what other women like you experienced through this methodology then just hop over to my website at www.eileenkastnerdelago.com  and check out the “Success Stories” there. I’d be so happy to show you around and connect.

I may have first developed this process working with my celebrity clients like Natalie Portman, Aishwarya Rai-Bachchan and others, but it was never just about ensuring they looked great for their next movie or red carpet appearance. It has always been about finding a reliable, long-term solution that gives my clients confidence in their skin and beauty choices on-screen and in their everyday lives.


  • beautiful and confident in their skin.
  • empowered by make-up that reflects their unique style.
  • supported and nurtured on their skincare journey through the right nutrition and facial exercises.
  • beautifully and authentically themselves.

…because this is where my passion really lies and the reason I brought my EKD FaceWardrobe® signature methodology online

Let’s continue the conversation and connect over at http://www.eileenkastnerdelago.com

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