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How To Naturally Maintain Glowing Skin During The Change Of Season

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Blame it on the season! The change of a season can take a toll on your skin and beauty confidence and can lead to problems

Want glowing skin all year round? But you face the challenge of another season of change which is upon us? I hear you! For some, it’s summer to autumn; for others, it’s winter to spring. With it, our skin and body are faced with a series of issues that right about now need some attention and TLC. I’ve created a checklist for you and your skin with 26 ways to strengthen and maintain healthy, glowing skin during the change of season – so you can face this time confidently. (you’ll find it at the end of this blog).

But how can you tackle the impact of seasonal changes on your skin?

Do you feel that your skin suffers a lot every time the season changes? You are not alone; I was there right with you! Many women I meet often say that determining your skin type can help you build a skincare routine, and your skincare problems will vanish in no time. But the reality is other factors lead to skin problems, including environmental and hormonal changes, poor diet, and stress, to name just a few. So yes, seasonal changes can take a toll on your skin, but how?

How does the change of season
affect your skin?

Seasonal changes are accompanied by a slew of environmental changes. Humidity levels fluctuate in tandem with temperature changes. Pollens and allergenic substances in the environment, as well as microbes, vary with time. All these changes influence the skin. And too often, our beauty regimen is packed with harsh chemicals and quick fixes that don’t work for long-term skin health and threaten the skin’s natural defence.

So, let’s look a bit closer at the influences we experience during the change of season.

Keeping your skin glow from
Summer to Autumn

The transition of summer to fall can be tricky for your skin and overall beauty confidence

The transition into autumn
can be tricky for maintaining your
glowing summer skin

Our skin that has spent too many days at the beach, enjoying summertime cocktails, late nights or just those lazy days of summer that might have caused you to be a bit lax, can now be rearing its ugly head. Seasonal transition can accompany noticeable changes in the skin, such as the fading of a tan, dry or red patches, blotchiness, breakouts, and retained sebum, to mention a few.

As the days start to get shorter and the weather finally becomes brisker, thus signifying autumn’s return, you may begin to notice some not-so-fun changes in your skin. They might be similar to the symptoms that can arise when winter turns to spring. According to dermatologists, these adverse changes in your skin can more than likely be attributed to the transition of seasons. But it’s not the temperature alone that causes these skin woes, either. The sudden switch in weather, coupled with subsequent lifestyle changes you make as it gets cooler, such as taking hot showers and using central heat in homes, contributes to dryness and inflammation associated with this transitional period.

“Fountain of Youth” and
“The Breath of Life”

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, autumn is governed by the energy of change and ruled by the element of Metal; this element also rules the organs of the large intestine and the lungs, said to be our “Fountain of Youth” and “The Breath of Life” 

To strengthen and maintain healthy and glowing skin during the change of season, look at autumn as the traditional time to adjust our dietary choices and pursue some form of internal cleansing to keep these organs healthy and strong since they are two of the most stressed due to poor eating and pollutants (smoking and unhealthy environments,etc.). Congesting diets lead to poor elimination and create tension and exhaustion in our body, especially the skin. 

Strengthening your skin for the change of season from Winter to Spring

Do a spring clean, not just for your home. Put some spring into your step, also

With frigid temperatures and indoor heat coming to an end and spring’s brighter days blooming ahead, it’s time to swap out your nourishing winter favourites for lighter options. Because your wardrobe isn’t the only thing that needs updating, your skin care requires a routine revamp for spring, too.

When the weather begins to warm up, and spring arrives, the humidity and temperature will rise once more. Warmer temperatures promote the production of sebum and sweat, which can block pores. As debris and dead skin cells remain trapped on the surface of your skin, it may begin to feel oily and heavy. If you have normal skin, you may become oilier over the summer, which can lead to breakouts and flare-ups. We are also more prone to expose ourselves to the sun, which can produce sunspots and impair pigmentation.

“The Seat of Life and the Soul”

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, spring corresponds to the energy of renewal and cleansing and is ruled by the element of wood; this element also rules the organs of the liver and gallbladder, said to be our “Seat of Life and the Soul”

Spring cleaning is a thing for a reason, and when it comes to skin, it should start from within! The liver is a major detoxification organ, so give your skin the pool position for a glowing complexion. Focus on resetting, detoxifying, and encouraging gentle healing during this season of transformation. The way to do this is by cleansing and healing your gut. Because what heals the inside can be seen on the outside!

Green veggies go directly to the liver and gallbladder organs, aiding in cleansing and clarifying the system. Sour foods like lemons and apple cider vinegar are also great during this time of year as they move bile, which is one of the functions of the gallbladder. 

So what’s the achievable, reliable solution? 

While there’s nothing you can do about seasonal shifts (aside from moving somewhere with a milder climate), it doesn’t mean your skin has to suffer the consequences. 

When it comes to beauty goals, the words “glowing skin” seem to rank top of mind universally. So in pursuing and maintaining a healthy, radiant, glowing skin complexion during the change of a new season, time-tested rituals are the best-of-the-best advice, and you’ll be one step closer to having happy skin — no matter what season it is. 

All of this to say, while the weather is uncontrollable, skin health is not. Pay attention to the state of your skin and switch up your routine as the seasons change by
mapping out your beauty calendar for each season

Now my gift for you: Here are the promised 26 proven—and natural—ways I put together for you to maintain glowing skin during this time. Click here to get your FREE checklist

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Blame it on the season! The change of a season can take a toll on your skin and beauty confidence and can lead to problems Want glowing skin all year round? But you face the challenge of another season of change which is upon us? I hear you! For some, it’s summer to autumn; for […]

How To Naturally Maintain Glowing Skin During The Change Of Season


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